Montgomery Group DEI Minimum Standards

We at Montgomery Group are always looking to make our events representative of the amazing communities that they serve. However, we realise that sometimes they do not fulfil this, and we can do more to make all our events fully inclusive and diverse. Our DEI Working Group will remain in place and continue to look for initiatives that can help make the business, and its events, fully diverse, equitable and inclusive. Montgomery Group does, and always will, ensure that DEI is covered at board level.

Within our events, we are committing to the below as a minimum set of requirements that all events, where Montgomery Group is the equal or majority shareholder, must adhere to. In certain markets, legal restrictions make some of these points not possible and in these cases, those markets will not be obliged to fulfil them.



  • Hearing loops at all theatres- clearly marked. Someone in every division trained on how they work.
  • Access ramps (or no stage) on all theatres. 
  • Spaces in every theatre for wheelchairs.
  • Accessible registration point- this will contain a hearing loop and be a low profile.
  • Multifaith rooms at every event- ideally on the show floor but either way clearly marked on all floorplans.
  • Quiet rooms, either combined with multifaith rooms or not, but clearly marked on all floorplans. To contain suitable accessories and seating.



  • Every Event Plan to ask the question of which association or community group they are planning to work from an underrepresented area of their sector. Also, to ask to review the organisations that was on the previous event plan and what transpired. 



The below is applicable for content that is managed in house. When outsourced, we will work with the curators and encourage them to adhere to the below.

  • Every event to contain at least one topic that speaks on an underrepresented group within that sector.
  • Every event to consider a diverse representation of speakers that at a minimum represents the community/market.


Registration/Data Collection

  • Gender- All forms that feel they need to ask for a salutation to include Mx; Other and/or Prefer not to say.
  • Pronouns to be offered- not mandatory but if selected would show on badge. Wording on registration to be the below.
    • As an inclusive event, it is optional to display your pronouns on your visitor badge and we encourage allyship from everyone by respecting people’s identities.  All this data would be deleted following the event.
  • All registration to ask, ‘What can we do to make this event space more comfortable for you?’ 
  • All surveys to ask, ‘We are always wanting to make our events as inclusive as possible. Is there anything that we can do to improve upon this?’ 



  • Earplugs available from the organiser office (and in the quiet room).
  • Training made available to at least one person that is onsite on the below.
    • Managing people with mental health considerations
    • Managing people with visual impairments
  • An accessibility hotline- linked to the trained individual.



  • Every show website to contain full details of what we have in place from an accessibility perspective (all of the above).
  • Quieter times showcased on the accessibility page for people who wish to go when it isn’t busy/noisy.
  • Sound hotspots showcased or communicated.