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Kenai was founded in 2018 with the vision of changing the way businesses and people interact in their buildings. Kenai offers a broad and diverse scope of solutions in order to provide an integrated and seamless workspace platform. We utilized technology to replace outdated and frustrating processes with new streamlined solutions that businesses can be proud of. The collective innovations that our powerful developers and product designers created were logically assembled into a digital platform that enabled workplaces to have complete control and oversight over their collective workplace processes.

Kenai focused on improving the visitor experience, workplace health and safety, building security, compliance, and the integrated workplace. These pillars were applied throughout the personal
journey of everyone interacting with the physical workspace; from on-boarding and induction to parking, access and check-in.

Kenai leans on our strong technical and integration skills to provide and support a front-facing platform to act as a central system tying all other workplace systems together.

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Stephen Bydawell

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+27 82 614 8024


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