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Intalock Solutions specialises in the design and manufacture of OTP access control electronics for the Cash-In-Transit industry. We are a South-African based company with extensive in-house electronic engineering and manufacturing experience to supply new or retrofit existing vehicles with fit for purpose interlocking systems that can be extended to include remote monitoring and control.

Intalock aims to provide the CIT industry with premium products and service at competitive pricing.

Our engineers have a combined experience of 30 years in the CIT electronics market. Our technicians have overseen the installation of over 600 CIT vehicles in South-Africa and Saudi-Arabia over their careers.

Our procurement department is experienced in procuring electronics components directly from China. Our factory assembles all PCBs in our in-house facilities.
Our products are highly customisable and can be adapted to the needs of the CIT vehicle manufacturer. We own all the IP to our systems and can change any aspect of a system. We design the electronic hardware, embedded software, and software backend systems.

Our systems are modular and can be easily extended for new features.
Our systems incorporate a Time-based OTP (One-Time Password/PIN). We have 10 years’ experience in OTP algorithms and have recently adopted the industry standard RFC 6238 to ensure that we will be able to certify our systems.

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Renee Pretorius

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(083) 297-8869


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Unit 1 17 Banghoek Crescent, N4 Gateway Industrial Park, The Willows 340-JR


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South Africa



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